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Uyen Nguyen Team : Senior Developer

Code Playgrounds

As a developer, of course, you like to play around with your code. However, do you know that there are plenty of code playgrounds out there for you to play not only with your code but also with other people’s code? Sounds cool?

Simon Miller Team : Web Development

Upgrading Umbraco 4.x to 7.x

I have been working on an exciting project that had to get past a rather daunting hurdle before it could start properly – we needed to upgrade the Umbraco database multiple versions whilst retaining all user content.

Uyen Nguyen Team : Senior Developer

Visual Studio 2015 – Diagnostic Tools & Debugging Tips

This blog provides you number of resources to help improve your ninja debugging skills and maximise the debugging capabilities of Visual Studio

Karl Hahn Team : Front End Developer Tags : CSS Web 2.0

Modern CSS Techniques

Imagine that you wanted to keep the class names in your HTML as simple and functionally-semantic as possible, but you also wanted to have re-usable generic styles, with presentational-semantics, to avoid repetition.

Jeff Huang Team : Web Design


Check out my best websites of the past week that I've stumbled across through daily surfing. Each of these sites have inspired me, and I hope they inspire you too.

Sirisha Ancha Team : Web Development Tags : Web Development Tips & Tricks MVC

Use of 'nameof' in C#

There are often situations where we need to find the name of a property. With the introduction of 'nameof' from C# 6.0 we can reduce the reliance of magic strings in code.

Karl Hahn Team : Front End Developer Tags : CSS

Classic CSS approaches: Strong vs Loose Coupling

In this article, we will be revising the different approaches that can be taken to class naming and writing CSS.

Simon Miller Team : Web Development Tags : Web Development Search Umbraco

Searching PDFs with Umbraco

My current website has a simple requirement: combine regular page search results with PDF file results. Simple, right?

Sirisha Ancha Team : Web Development Tags : Web Development jQuery Umbraco MVC

Handling AJAX Postbacks using the UmbracoApiController

A brief introduction to using UmbracoApiController for Ajax requests.

Sirisha Ancha Team : Web Development Tags : Technology Web Development

Mocking Objects for Unit Testing

An introduction to code coverage, design patterns & mock objects while unit testing.

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